So its my first post here and before writing it i was confused like a child who goes to the ¬†school for the very first time and he don’t have any idea what to do and what not to do. ¬†So my situation was the same as that of the child . I searched google, asked my friends what to write but i was not able to get any idea i was hopeless but than i thought to write whatever i am feeling so here i am doing that only. At present i am hopeless in life n just need a ray of light to show me the right path so that i can do something productive in my life. Every teenager have these types of phases in their lives and right now i am in a phase where i have no one to understand me and guide me . I am very lonely right now and i know many teenagers could connect to this feeling of loneliness. I am writing this post only for one purpose that the feelings or the confusion which is inside me can come out and i can help myself and others to fight with the problem of loneliness. I am rebel and i will fight with these situations because after every sunset there is a sunrise and i am waiting for that sunrise in my life. Hope to see the sunrise soon…….n rest the picture says it all my situation is same as shown in the picture surrounded by many problems but still fighting way to fight back..#don’t give up #stay positive #fightback